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Tarot by Christiana Weekly Newsletter 11/28/2012

Tarot by Christiana

Weekly Newsletter

November 28, 2012



We use the word "community" to describe many different things. A community can be the place where you live; you might not even know your neighbors, but it is still a community.

A community can be a group of people (on line or in person) who share a common interest.

A community can be your entire town.

In a best-case scenario, a community is helpful and supportive. Many of us volunteer our time and talents to our community, and feel the satisfaction of participating in something that really makes a difference.

In a worst-case scenario, communities can be torn apart by personality issues, causing people to feel frustrated, angry and ostracized.

The important thing to remember is this. We all need our communities, especially our communities of like-minded people. Sometimes there will be members of our community who behave badly, causing us to withdraw. Sometimes withdrawing for a period of time is a good idea. But in the end, the fellowship of community is something we all need; no matter how much one person may irritate us.

If you are in a community that you enjoy, dedicate yourself to it.

If you are not, find your community of likeminded people. You'll be glad you did.





November Global Tarot Circle Recap


We had a great turnout for our November Global Tarot Circle. Our topic was Tarot Reversals. The format for the meeting was discussion, which happened primarily in the chatroom.

There are no absolute rules about reversals. Not every reader uses them, and all readers have different takes on how to use them, and how they can be interpreted.

Some of the things we shared and agreed upon included the idea that reversals can add subtle nuances to the reading, and that we shouldn't choose not to use reversals simply because it complicates things for us as readers.

We also affirmed that reversals are not always negative, and are not always the opposite of the upright meaning.

We talked about reversals as indicating delays, lessening the energy of the card or showing the energy of the card as being in the past.

We discussed reversed Court Cards, and how the reversal changes the description of the individual the Court Card is describing.

We discussed the graphic component of cards in a spread, and how reversals can affect the images we see, and therefore the interpretation.

One thing came up that I had never thought about before. A reversal can indicate fear. When we see a reversed card, it might be that there is fear of whatever the card represents.

That makes a lot of sense! I have probably been interpreting some cards this way for years, but never really put it in to words.

That is one of the great aspects of Tarot Circle. Together, we are able to work together to share our techniques, teach each other and help each person find greater meaning and understanding of tarot.




Your Weekly One-Card Reading

Your one-card reading this week is the Three of Swords. Typically, the Three of Swords is not a pleasant image. Traditionally, this can be a card of heartache and sorrow. But don't despair!

We have all endured heartache at some point in life. Often, we fail to truly heal and instead carry some measure of hurt within us. When we see the Three of Swords we understand that the opportunity to heal the heart is at hand.

This week, relinquish everything in your heart that doesn't bring you joy. Allow your heart to heal.



Don't Miss the Lunar Eclipse!


Tonight, Wednesday November 28, there will be a lunar eclipse. Check the internet for the exact time the eclipse will be visible in your area.

Spiritually, we can use the lunar eclipse as a time to release emotions that no longer serve us, just like the Three of Swords which is our Weekly One-Card Reading this week. Interestingly, I did pull the Three of Swords at random without even thinking about the eclipse and what it might mean.

Here's what to do. While the moon is eclipsing, actively breathe out, releasing pain, heartache and stuck emotions. As the moon become full again, think about your dreams and goals, and hold a vision of bringing them into being.


The Week in Review


This week Joanne Matthew has shared some wonderful seasonal tarot stories on our Tarot Topics Community Blog. Read A Major Arcana Thanksgiving and The Major Arcana Find Their Christmas Tree.


Joanne has also been participating in Tarot Translation Group. Read her most recent entry, Tarot and the Full Moon.


Christiana discusses karma, compassion and the Major Arcana in a post on her personal blog, Tarot Trends. Read What we Deserve.


On the Dark Forest, Christiana writes about how fiction becomes part of our language in her post When Fiction Invades our Language.

Upcoming Events


Monday, December 3, 8:00 pm


Join us for a free webinar, The Four Elements and the Minor Arcana. This 75-minute-long webinar is about the Four Elements (Earth, Air, Fire and Water) and the Minor Arcana of the Tarot. This class will cover the powers and properties of the four elements, and how they relate to the four suits in tarot. You will learn ways of interpreting the pip cards and the court cards based on their elemental association. For log-in info, visit the Continuing Education website.



Wednesday, December 5, 7:30 pm


Join us for a free webinar, Basic Psychic Development. Everyone is psychic! The challenge is to figure out what your gifts are, and to learn to develop them. Professional psychic Christiana Gaudet will share the basics with you. In this exciting webinar you will learn about psychic gifts, psychic tools and simple exercises you can do to strengthen your own psychic abilities. For log-in info, visit the Celebrate Spiritual Growth website.



Monday, December 10, 7:00 pm


Enjoy a beginner/review level premium webinar, An In-Depth Journey into the Major Arcana - Emotional Balance. This online presentation will focus on Major Arcana cards Eight through Fourteen, Strength through Temperance. Christiana will present these cards as the keys to enhancing emotional growth and finding emotional balance.

This class will help tarot beginners develop a solid foundation for their tarot study. Experienced readers will discover new ways to utilize tarot. For registration and log in, visit the Continuing Education website.



Wednesday, December 12, 9 pm


Christiana will be a guest on Internet TV show "It's in the Cards." Tune in to see Christiana talk about her new book and perform readings for the audience. You are welcome to call in to get an on-air reading! Simply visit Para Encounters Network to join the fun!



Tuesday, December 18, 6:30 pm


Everyone with an interest in tarot is invited to join Global Tarot Circle for an informal tarot workshop webinar, fun and fellowship. Find details and log in info at the Tarot Circle website.




Special Gifts for Holiday Giving


Remember that gift certificates are available for readings by telephone and Skype, premium webinars, Skype parties and private on-line tarot instruction.

I can mail or email gift certificates to you, or directly to your recipient. I can even surprise your recipient with a telephone call informing them of their gift.

If you prefer, you can design your own gift certificate; just make sure I have the name of the recipient.

All you need to do is call me at 561-655-1160. I can take a credit or debit card right over the phone. I also use PayPal if that is easier for you.

For the tarot enthusiast in your life, my books Fortune Stellar and Tarot Tour Guide make great gifts as well.











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